straight sex: rethinking the politics of pleasure by lynne segal

i first heard about this book a few years ago when i was attending a class on freud. last year i managed to read judith butler's gender trouble, which was dense and academic i hope i get what she wanted to convey, that gender is a performance. 

segal is a renowned feminist who taught at birkbeck college, university of london. the book discussed the various strands of feminist thoughts, theories on gender and sex - from sexologists, psychoanalysis to queer theories - to answer the ancient question that women know all too well - what are the sources that insist on women as second class compared to men? 

there are lots of things going on in this book that takes you from freud to lacan to kinsey, to understand the evolution of feminism from the 19th century to the fiery 60's to the mellowing down of the movement in the 80's. segal provides an interesting analysis and criticism to feminism, what is know today as intersectionality, because sexual liberation is not enough for women when we are under the burden of other forms of oppression such as economics, racism and sexism.  

a very enlightening read. oh, i have to share this picture. that last sentence is gold.


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